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Do you need an Orlando Chiropractor now? Find the best Orlando Chiropractors here! The Injury Docs team hand picks each Chiropractor for our network based on their many years of extensive knowledge and experience treating neck pain, back pain, headaches and all types of auto accident injuries. Have you had a recent Auto Accident or personal injury? You probably have many questions: Should I see a Chiropractor now? How will my bills get paid? Should I see an MD first? Will I ever get rid of my back pain?  The Injury Docs - Accident and Injury Network of Doctors can Help! The The Injury Docs- Accident Doctors are a network of physicians that has built a reliable team of Health Care Professionals who specialize in treating injured patients. The physicians that work within the Accident and Injury Doctor network specialize in Physical Medicine, including auto accidents and personal injury.

If you have been in a car accident and in need an Orlando Chiropractor or Medical Doctor now, The Injury Docs can help! ! Immediate Appts- Find the best Chiropractors and Medical doctors in Orlando now! All auto insurance is accepted!

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Did you know? After An Accident

You may be injured and not realize it: Pain is usually the last to come. The first few days after an accident are most critical. Most doctors agree, it is best to get checked out by a qualified physician as soon as possible!

The longer you wait to see a doctor, the longer it will take to get better.

You may be eligible for personal injury protection benefits, even if the accident was your fault, or if you do not own a vehicle, your auto insurance, (PIP) will cover you for your medical bills.

If you are in an accident on a bicycle or are a pedestrian, you may be eligible for up to 10k in personal injury protection under your own policy.

Did you Know?

Most doctors’ offices are not set up for and cannot treat patients injured in auto accidents. They are not set up to do the billing for you; they also do not specialize in back pain or injuries. In fact, most family practices do not have any type of massage or physical therapy available and do not specialize in physical medicine. The doctors that work within the Accident Injury Doctor Network do. The Injury network scheduling coordinators can schedule an appointment for you the very same day! With locations all throughout Central Florida, you are sure to find a location close to you.

The doctors accept all Auto Accident, all personal injury patients, (even if you do not have insurance) The Accident Doctor representative is on call and ready to take your call and connect you to a doctor in your area today. With the unique combination of Medical doctors and Chiropractic Physicians, you are sure to find a doctor that is right for you.


If you have had a car accident recently in Orlando, Ocoee, Kissimmee, Hunters Creek, Altamonte Springs, Winter Park or anywhere else in Central Florida, you may be wondering what to do first, or where to get help. If you are suffering with neck or back pain from a car accident or injury, an Orlando Chiropractor may be just what you need. The Injury Docs in Orlando and all across Central Florida's can help you right now! The Injury Docs have a network of the top Chiropractors in the Central Florida area. This inlcudes areas such as Orlando, Ocoee, Apopka, Winter Park, Altamonte Springs, Winter Springs and more! The Injury Docs can also connect you to a Chiropractor in Kissimmee, Poinciana, Davenport, Lake Mary, Sanford, Tampa and more!  Our Chiropractors and Medical Doctors work closely together fr the benefit of the patient. They are located all across Orlando and Central Florida to serve you better. With so many Chiropractors and locations to choose from in the Orlando and Central Florida areas, you are sure to find the right Chiropractor and the right location for you! The Orlando Chiropractors within The Injury Docs network can help you right now if you are suffering with chronic neck pain, back pain, headaches or any other type of spine related injury. The Injury Docs- Chiropractors specialize in the treatment of auto accident and personal injuries as well as workers compensation injuries! Our Chiropractors are specialists in their fields and our doctors and staff are super friendly, they will treat you like family! Our Chiropractors work very closely with our Medical Specialists to ensure you receive the very best possible care at all times. Our Chiropractors specialize in treating patients that suffer with neck pain, back pain, whiplash or any other spine related injury! Our Chiropractors and MDS carry many years of experience treating patients that have been involved in car accidents, personal injuries and workers compensation injuries. The Injury Docs, Chiropractic and Medical Physicians have locations all across Orlando and Central Florida, and we are ready to help you right now! Call us now to find our more about how we can help you. Our scheduling team is a available day or night, 24-7!  Our team will find and connect you to a doctor in your area right now the very SAME DAY!   All of our doctors offer free consultations for every patient in every

area! Find an Orlando Chiropractor right now!  Just Ask us which location is right for you! Se Habla Español!

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If you have been in an auto accident in Orlando,  Ocoee,  Winter Park, Kissimmee, Lake Mary, or anywhere in the Central Florida area, come visit Orlando and Central Florida premier Chiropractic network. If you were injuried in a car accident, you may need to see either a Medical doctor or Chiropractor right now! With the Injury Docs network, you will find Chiropractors and Medical Doctors working together with a multi-disaplanary approach! This means you get the best of both! The Injury Docs scheduling coordinators are ready right now to connect you to an Orlando or Central Florida Chiropractic Physicians with an immediate appointment!  The Injury Docs, Chiropractic physicians office are are state of the art and offer all the latest technology including digital on site X-rays, Decompression therapy such as Vax- D and much more. The Injury Docs Chiropractic Physicians also offer Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Cold laser therapy and more!  Call The Injury Docs- Chiropractic Physicians right NOW, and ask us which location is right for you!  If you have recently had an auto accident or personal injury and are in need of a Chiropractor in Orlando, Kissimmee, Hunters Creek, Apopka, East Orlando or anywhere else in Central Florida, call The Injury Docs Chiropractors right now and get connected to the very best Chiropractors in Orlando!

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The Injury Docs is in business to help you!  Our main goal is to connect you to an accident injury Chiropractor or Medical Doctor in your area right now, with an IMMEDIATE APPOINTMENT. if you have had an auto accident injury or if you suffer with chronic neck or back pain. Our scheduling team is available to you 24-7 for your convenience! Our team of Chiropractors and Chiropractic accident injury specialists have been helping injured patients for many years and we are ready to help you now!  An auto accident can be serious and our doctors understand that. Whiplash, back pain, and neck injuries after an auto accident should be taken serious. That is why all of the Chiropractors and Medical Doctors within The Injury Docs network agree, it is very important to get checked out by an accident injury specialist as soon as possible after a car accident or personal injury. The Injury Docs, are all auto injury specialists. Our doctors can see you right away after an accident. Getting checked out by a qualified physician may be the most important thing you can do. As a courtesy, if you have had an auto accident or personal injury, the Orlando Chiropractic Doctors within the Injury Docs network will bill your auto insurance directly for you!  Our Chiropractic Physicians also work very closely with Medical physician specialists of all kinds. Most of our offices have Chiropractic Physicians,and Medical Physicians as well as Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists and much more!  Our Chiropractors also work closely with all types of specialists, such as Orthopedic Doctors, Neurologists, Pain Special its, Neurosurgeon and much more! The Injury Docs Chiropractic and Medical network was created with you, the patient in mind. Our main goal is help connect you to a Chiropractic or Medical Doctor in your area as soon as possible that can help get you back on the road to wellness quickly!   Our most important goal is to get you feeling better as quickly as possible! The Injury Docs scheduling coordinators are friendly and knowledgeable and ready to help you right now!  There is never a fee to find a doctor in your area and the consultations with the doctors are always free for every patient.  CALL NOW, and get connected to an accident and injury Chiropractor or Medical Doctor near you!

Chiropractic- What is it? How can a Chiropractor help me?

People often wonder, what is Chiropractic or what exactly does a Chiropractor do?

Chiropractic is considered a natural art of heeling. Many people are confused as to what the benefits are in seeing a Chiropractor or Chiropractic Doctor.  Most of our patients tell us they can't believe how Chiropractic has helped them after a car accident or personal injury or if they have suffered for so many years with chronic neck or back pain with no relief. Chiropractic can do wonders for so many patients! Chiropractic can restore joint movement; relieving pain, reducing susceptibility to injury, and helping to prevent degenerative diseases such as arthritis and disc disease. The Chiropractors within the  Injury Docs Network carry a wealth of combined knowledge and experience in all areas of Chiropractic, Chiropractic accident injury care and Medical Care. The Chiropractic Physicians within The Injury Docs network specialize in auto accident treatment, workers compensation injuries, as well as treating patients that are suffering with chronic neck and back pain, headaches, whiplash and much more. This includes all types of whiplash injuries and more! The doctors of Chiropractic are mostly referred to as Chiropractors or Chiropractic physicians. Chiropractors practice a drug-free, hands-on approach to health care!  The Injury Docs, Chiropractors offer a free consultation for every patient! This includes complete and thorough one on one patient consultation with doctor. In most cases an exam will follow, and possibly x-rays. After that, the doctor will review your x-ray and exam finding in detail and educate you regarding the treatment plan that may be advised.  Chiropractors have a wide variety of skills and are also trained to recommend therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises, as well as to provide nutritional, dietary and lifestyle counseling.  Patients often tell us, that the combination of Chiropractic care, combined with Medical care , Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy is helpful to their overall experience, especially after a car accident or injury.

Auto Accident Doctors, Medical Doctors


Each Orlando and Central Florida Chiropractor and Medical Doctor are hand selected for the Injury Docs network based on their many years of experience treating auto accident and personal injury patients. Our Chiropractors specialize in the treatment of auto accident injuries, personal injuries and workers compensation injuries as well as all types of neck, back pain, headaches and other treatments of the spine. If you have been experiencing chronic neck or back pain, you can call the Injury Docs and get connected to an Orlando Chiropractor near you! An auto accident is a very difficult time for you, and the Injury Docs- Chiropractors understand. Whiplash and other accident related injuries should be taken seriously. Sometimes people wait to long and their injuries can become worse if left untreated. The Injury Chiropractors within the Injury Docs network have experience in the treatment of all of these types of injuries and are ready to help right now!

Our scheduling coordinators will help you find a Chiropractor in Orlando, Ocoee, Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Kissimmee, or anywhere else in Central Florida. With The Injury Docs Chiropractic Network, you will be on your way to wellness in no time!  Let us help find the right doctor for you!. Our scheduling team is available and ready to help you right now! As a courtesy, our doctor's accept all auto accident, personal injury insurance, therefore the doctor's will handle all the billing for you so you can focus on your treatment and getting well. Our Injury Accident Chiropractic specialists will also work with your accident attorney if you have one. If you do not have an accident attorney in Orlando or Central Florida, please let us know. The Injury Docs are familiar with many great Orlando accident attorneys. Maybe we can help. The JLS injury docs network has been helping auto accident patients for many years. Our doctors are simply experts in their fields and have many years of experience treating injured patients.  The Injury Doctors offer free consultations for every patient!  The Orlando and Central Florida Chiropractors and medical specialists will help you get back on your way to wellness quickly!   Our most important goal is get you feeling better as quickly as possible! Call one of our friendly scheduling staff right now to find out more! JLS is ready to help connect you to a specialist in your area now! Scheduling available daily, nights and weekends!

What does a Chiropractor "Treat" Is it just Back pain?

Chiropractors address and treat subluxation, or misalignments of your spine. Rather than "treat" any specific disease or condition. Chiropractors are spine specialists who are trained to identify spinal misalignments, correct them through specific Chiropractic Adjustments, allowing the nervous system to function without interference.  Chiropractors focus on much more than just back pain as everyone thinks! They are considered spine specialists, they focus on the whole body and the spine, including back pain, neck pain, headaches and many other areas of the spine.

People have been turning to chiropractic health care for over a century. They have sought treatment for a wide variety of ailments, ranging from migraines to back pain, neck pain,  headaches, shoulder pain, sports injuries, personal injuries,  auto accident injuries and much more. The following is a brief summary of circumstances where chiropractic is an appropriate health-care choice. Below are some of the conditions our physicians treat every day!Chiropractic and Auto Accidents:




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